See below for From Here to Obscurity,
or click here for CHINTHE WOMEN, Women's Auxiliary Service (Burma) 1942-46, researched and published by Sally and Lucy Jaffe, daughter and granddaughter of Commandant Nin Taylor, who formed and led the WAS(B).

Another time. Another war, aerial bombing, refugees, evacuees, and identity cards

From Here to Obscurity
a novel by
Yoel Sheridan

ISBN 0-9540811-0-2
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"(This book) brings to life those characters that made up the majority of East European Jewish immigrants who settled in the East End, with style and perception that makes for an exciting and moving fusion of history and literature." Professor William J. Fishman, Author and London Historian.

"Shulem was born in the same year as Trotsky and Einstein. Of the three, only Shulem could make a decent pair of trousers"

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ISBN 0-9540811-0-2

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