Gold Ducats and Devilry Afoot

Gold Ducats and Devilry Afoot
An Historical Narrative of
The Trials and Tribulations of Henry Simons
A Polish Jew in Mid-Eighteenth Century England:

A True and Truly Remarkable Saga

Yoel Sheridan

$28.75   £17.95
6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on White paper 298 pages

     ISBN-13: 978-147013663
ISBN-10: 1470136635
LCCN: 2012903915


A fascinating true story, stranger than fiction, involving a Polish Jew with English rogues and gentlemen, robbery, violence, treachery, perjury, prison, pillory, unlawful civil arrest, gold ducats, leading magistrates of the day and the intricacies of the legal system in mid-18th Century England before the establishment of a regular police force.

Sir Martin Gilbert, (Biographer of Sir Winston Churchill) writes:
Yoel Sheridan has written a detective story, but one entirely that is based on fact. It reads as a mystery, and unfolds with fascination. Henry Simons (reportedly Zevi Hirsch ben Simeon) was a Jew from Poland who came to England in the mid-Eighteenth Century. His adventures were not all pleasant, but they give a remarkable picture of the opportunities and hazards of Jewish life in England two hundred and fifty years ago. In a fast-paced narrative, Yoel Sheridan weaves in trial records and other contemporary material to unravel an extraordinary and unknown story that brings a distant era vividly to life.

London Historian Dr Gerry Black writes:

An excellent piece of work, thoroughly researched, that I much enjoyed reading. Yoel Sheridan writes well and knows how to tell a story. I found it fascinating and highly recommend it.

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